Exclusive Insurance Partner Of The Mortgage Collaborative


Mortgage Banking Insurance Group is an official Preferred Partner of the Mortgage Collaborative and its exclusive insurance provider. The Mortgage Collaborative was founded to "empower mortgage lenders across the country with better financial execution, reduced costs, enhanced expertise and improved compliance." We look forward to being able to work with members to achieve these goals.

In addition to content (webinars, articles, insurance overviews), members of the organization are also entitled to one review annually, including written recommendations, of their Fidelity and E&O insurance to make sure it complies with GSE and warehouse lender requirements.

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Lee was able to tell us exactly what we needed and whyas well as explain why we need it. He lays out all the information for you, so you can make an easy decision. It leads to incredible ease of mind to know you’re working with someone who can make sure you’re  properly covered.”

— Lora L. Finley
Johnson Capital