Title Agent Insurance Coverages:

Escrow Security Bonds (Title Agent Fidelity Bonds)
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Title Agent Errors & Omissions (E&O)
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Title Agent Surety Bond / State License Bond
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Cyber Liability Insurance
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  Title Agent Insurance Coverages


The below coverages are crucial to your Title Agency's operations and required by North American Title Insurance Company (NATIC). Despite a rise in premiums over the last few years making it harder to find affordable insurance, we've been able to negotiate special discounted rates for NATIC's Title Agents while ensuring that the policies comply with the requirements you need to meet.

Escrow Security Bonds (Title Agent Fidelity Bonds)
This coverage insures against losses due to dishonest employees committing theft or fraud. Typically, a fidelity bond only settles a loss with the insured party. This policy has been specially designed so that if NATIC suffers a loss due to theft or fraud by an employee–or even a partner at your agency–the claim can be paid out directly to NATIC.
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Title Agent Errors and Omissions (E&O)
This insurance protects your Title Agency from losses occuring from specified accidental errors or omissions, such as mistakes in the title documentation process or miscalculations of loan costs. The coverage provides defense costs, should you be sued, and covers damages up to the limit of your policy.
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Title Agent Surety Bond / State License Bond - Required by Individual States
To do business in most states, you're required to post a surety bond to guarantee your agency will comply with state regulations. If you then don't follow regulations and cause financial harm, the company underwriting the bond would be responsible for paying out verified claims up to the amount of your bond.
Note: Because surety bonds and applications vary by state, there isn't a standard application to download. Please contact us, we'll discuss your needs and provide you with the appropriate applications.

Cyber Liabilty Insurance
To find out how this coverage can protect you from the resulting costs and liability of a data breach, click here >

>>> Please fill out, sign by hand and return applications by email to LBrodsky@jmbins.com.